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The cdc recommends a covid 19 test called a nasopharyngeal swab. As more americans get tested for the new coronavirus and the disease it causes covid 19 theyre discovering the test involves a deep nasal swab that can be uncomfortable.

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Right now this is the most common test for covid 19 and is recommended by the cdcin the nasal or nasopharyngeal swab test a doctor will stick a long q tip like.

Corona virus swab test image. Pho laboratory will accept other swab types and other liquid transport media except gel or solid media for covid 19 testing. Twitter atdrpeckpnp a graphic image has revealed just invasive the test is to find out if you have coronavirus. New swab for covid 19 test doesnt need to be shoved all the way up the nose using the spun synthetic swab people can collect their own test samples from the front of their nostrils.

The technician will put a special 6 inch cotton swab up both sides of your nose and move it around for about 15 seconds. Share on pinterest it is possible to test for coronavirus by taking a swab sample. How far back the swab is placed in the nose to test for coronavirus picture.

However if the submitted swab andor media type were not validated at pho laboratory for covid 19 testing the results will be reported with a disclaimer. A pediatric nurse has posted an unpleasant looking illustration of a test for covid 19the disease caused by the novel coronaviruswhich has been shared more than 50000 times. There are several ways to test for the new strain of coronavirus.

The nasopharyngeal swab test which is being used in hospitals and drive through testing sites across the country is done by inserting a long plastic stick deep into a persons nasal cavity and. Swabs should be placed immediately into a sterile transport tube containing 2 3ml of either viral transport medium vtm amies transport medium or sterile saline unless using a test designed to analyze a specimen directly ie without placement in vtm such as some point of care tests external icon.

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