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Heres how you can tell the difference. How to tell if its not cold or flu the key signs you have virus coronavirus is spreading rapidly with the death toll standing at 219613 deaths reported.

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Runny nose cough sore throat and fever.

Corona virus symptoms vs flu. Coronavirus symptoms are similar to those of the common cold and flu per the cdc but the novel virus known as sars cov 2 can lead to more serious illness and even death. Coronavirus cold or flu symptoms. What are the differences and similarities between the common cold flu and covid 19 the table below summarizes the similar and different signs and symptoms of the common cold flu and covid 19.

Covid 19 caused by the novel coronavirus and the flu are both respiratory illnesses. That makes it difficult to tell if. The following article is designed to answer the following question.

Coronavirus is an infectious disease with symptoms similar to the flu or common cold. Heres what to know. Learn more about how the flu and covid 19 differ.

The symptoms of the flu and the 2019 coronavirus are similar but there are differences. Should i see a doctor. You can find up to date information on covid 19 at the centers for disease control and prevention cdc.

The spread of the novel coronavirus aka covid 19 has many people wondering how to tell the difference between coronavirus symptoms and the cold and flu. Although the symptoms of covid 19 and the flu can look similar the two illnesses are caused by different viruses. Its important to note that even doctors have a difficult time differentiating a mild case of novel coronavirus from the common cold or flu since there is a lot of overlap in symptomsand in.

While theres a lot of overlap between them there are also key differences in the symptoms incubation. Influenza the flu and covid 19 the illness caused by the new coronavirus are both infectious respiratory illnesses. Some of the symptoms include fever dry cough tiredness difficulty in breathing and diarrhea.

Symptoms are often similar when one starts to feel sick.

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