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Di coronavirus wey start from one town for china for late 2019 don turn to global serious mata. That was when the freelance architect 42.


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The covid 19 disease which can cause a fever cough and breathing problems is spreading around the world and has already affected more than 116000 people.

Covid 19 symptoms timeline bbc. Four ways to protect yourself from coronavirus jump to media player the bbc health team talks through the nhs advice about protecting yourself from covid 19. What if i have only mild symptoms. But they could experience body aches fatigue sore throat and headache.

Coronavirus has claimed more than 156000 lives and infected nearly 23 million people around the world. However around 20 go on to develop more severe disease but why. Whether they have symptoms or not.

While many symptoms such as a runny nose are different hay fever can also prompt a. 04 mar share this with facebook. The respiratory infection which has been given the official name covid 19 has claimed more than 2000 lives so far more than the 774 killed in the 2003 sars epidemic.

The state of a persons immune system seems to be part of the issue and there may be some. Coronavirus don claim more than 156000 lives and infect nearly 23 million pesins for di world. The outbreak originating.

David harriss world has shrunk to the size of his front room. Social distancing was in place so we had bays separated by walls with a bed in each bay. Seven weeks ago he developed covid 19 symptoms that he describes as being like a bad flu.

I wasnt tested for covid 19. Most people who get covid 19 will develop only the main symptoms a cough or fever. People with hay fever should not confuse their reaction to pollen with the symptoms of coronavirus gps say.

Covid 19 is a mild infection for most. Among them is uk prime minister boris johnson who is now recuperating after being treated. I was taken to a unit which seemed to be being used for covid 19 patients.

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Boris Johnson And Covid 19 A Timeline


Boris Johnson And Covid 19 A Timeline

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