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With a flu or covid 19 youre looking at around a week to 10 days with a milder case. Covid 19 progresses over a few days with increasing severity of signs and symptoms in people who have symptoms while people with allergies usually have signs and symptoms in minutes to hours after exposure to a trigger substance.

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Allergies symptoms covid 19 cold flu allergies fever common 100f or higher rare high 100 102f can last 3 4 days no headache sometimes rare intense sometimes general aches pains sometimes slight common often severe no fatigue weakness sometimes slight common often severe sometimes.

Covid 19 symptoms vs flu cold allergies chart. Covid 19 comparison coronavirus vs. However more than 200 different viruses may cause the common cold. One chart shows how covid 19 symptoms compare with those of the flu allergies and the common cold.

But if your symptoms are worsening you may be headed for pneumonia with either the flu or coronavirus. Colds are contagious can spread from person to person and have an incubation period of about 1 7 days. Some symptoms of covid 19 overlap with.

The symptoms of covid 19 and flu can range from mild to severe. Allergies can also cause itchy watery eyes which you dont normally have with a cold or flu hauguel adds. Rhinoviruses cause about 30 50 of colds.

Allergy symptoms usually last as long as youre exposed to the allergen which may be about 6 weeks during pollen seasons in the spring summer or fall. Allergies on the other hand are usually chronic presenting with symptoms. Visit business insiders homepage for more stories.

Both covid 19 and allergies when severe may need emergency respiratory support and other supportive care. The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system nose throat sinuses eustachian tubes trachea larynx and bronchial tubes. The following table outlines the symptoms of covid 19 the flu and a cold.

Colds and flu rarely last beyond 2 weeks. Symptoms of the new coronavirus covid 19 can indeed be difficult to distinguish from flu symptoms but in recent weeks infectious disease experts have gotten a clearer picture of telltale signs particularly fever early on and which symptoms are rare in most cases but may show up when it becomes most serious. Covid 19 like the flu or common cold is an acute illness meaning people feel fine until symptoms start showing up.

Its all about where it hurts and where youve been lately.

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