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Getty images government and health officials are talking a lot about coronavirus testing. The test involves taking a swab of the nose and the back of the throat which can be done by the person themselves self administered or by someone else assisted.

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Right now this is the most common test for covid 19 and is recommended by the cdcin the nasal or nasopharyngeal swab test a doctor will stick a long q tip like.

Covid 19 test image nose swab. Uc davis health which featured the image in a recent post says the 6 inch swab should be rotated several times in both sides of the nose for the best results. There are two main types of covid 19 tests. This is how far back we have to put.

If youre just getting the covid 19 test its usually one swab or sometimes we take one nose swab and one throat swab and put them both in the same. Getting a swab test for covid 19 is not comfortable a university of chicago medicine doctor says. Guidelines for healthcare providers and local and state health departments on collecting handling and testing clinical specimens for coronavirus disease 2019 covid 19.

Coronavirus disease 2019 covid 19 is a virus more specifically a coronavirus identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in wuhan china. Other swab tests for covid 19 which are approved by the us. Early on in testing for covid 19 people were getting both a nasal and an oral swab because doctors didnt know which would be most reliable but because of swab shortages the test now involves.

Centers for disease control and prevention are the oropharyngeal back of the throat through the mouth and anterior nares up the. Covid 19 testing in. A positive test means we.

Swab tests which usually take a sample from the throat or nose to detect viral rna. While the test is accurate false negatives can still happen and thats usually when swabs are not up to standard or if mucous somehow obstructs an instrument. Image via zstock shutterstock.

New swab for covid 19 test doesnt need to be shoved all the way up the nose using the spun synthetic swab people can collect their own test samples from the front of their nostrils.

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