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Lockdown and his group of mercenaries have no allegiance to the autobots or the decepticons. Age of extinction and the main antagonist of the non canon video game transformers.

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Rise of the dark spark.

Lockdown movie transformers. Ratchet didnt tell him and lockdown finishes him by. Lockdown serves as the main antagonist of transformers. In 2007 we were all pretty sure there would be a fourth live action transformers movie with lockdown as the main villain.

Even the decepticons are afraid of this guy because once lockdown has been hired to track down a subject nothing stops him from completing his. He then shoots ratchet in the chest. Theres only one way youll.

Although his price is not cheap his performance is the best in what he does. Lockdown is a bounty hunter who hasnt missed his target ever since he began his career in bounty hunting. With mark wahlberg anthony hopkins josh duhamel laura haddock.

He was assigned by the creators to capture optimus prime. Lockdown is a mercenary from the live action film series continuity family. Transformers stop motion episode part 4 police optimus prime vs ironhide tobot.

Lockdown is first seen hiding underwater watching the humans attack ratchet. He asks him where optimus prime is. Lockdown was a decepticon bounty hunter working for the creators from the live action film series continuity family.

Age of extinction 2014 movie clip blu ray hd sheitla duration. Autobts decepticons like little children always fighting making a messout of the universe then ive got to clean it up. Lockdown is the central antagonist of the 2014 film transformers.

Theres only one way youll survive. This ruthless hunter only works for the highest payers in. Directed by michael bay.

Transformers optimus prime lockdown bumblebee movie animation robot truck lego bank robbery car. He was a ruthless mercenary who had affiliated himself with the creators as a cybertronian bounty hunter which led to his earthly presence when lockdown was sent by his higher ups to capture optimus prime. Cemetery wind car chase scene transformers.

A deadly threat from earths history reappears and a hunt for a lost artifact takes place between autobots and decepticons while optimus prime encounters his creator in space.


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