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A wave of planned anti lockdown demonstrations that have broken out around the country to protest against the efforts of state governments to combat the coronavirus pandemic with business closures. Last weekend thousands gathered in washington michigan texas maryland and california to protest lockdown orders resulting from the coronavirus pandemicsome marched with rifles draped across.

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The us now has over 761000 cases and more than.

Lockdown protest meme. At his friday briefing he said some measures imposed. This is obviously quite worrying as all of these people are potentially exposing themselves and spreading coronavirus to others. Across the country groups of americans are taking to the streets in protest of lockdown orders aimed at limiting the spread of covid 19.

Should lift the lockdown like they want and then when they start getting hit harder and harder and harder they might want to participate but only if they think that they. It was the dumbest shit ive ever seen. An estimated 20 30 gathered for 45 minutes at the historic state.

Americans protest against coronavirus memes about americans. Brazils president jair bolsonaro has come under criticism for joining protesters demanding that restrictions on movement introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus be lifted. I saw a protest against lockdowns over the weekend.

Here are the 13 dumbest signs from anti lockdown protest. President donald trump has defended tweets in which he appeared to endorse protests against stringent lockdown measures in several us states. Mr bolsonaro has.

Its even more concerning when you factor in that. Trump supporters in the us states of ohio michigan and north carolina who are unhappy with the strict lockdown laws that have been imposed upon them have staged protests to get the sanctions lifted. A way of describing cultural information being shared.

Behind the viral image of americans protesting against lockdown joshua bickel set out to cover a demonstration in ohio and within hours his photo of angry people pressed up. Not too many people showed up at the anti lockdown protest in richmond virginia yesterday but at least they made their point.

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