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According to recent reports anti lockdown protesters headed to the streets of new york and virginia to vent their anger over the lockdown. Mckinley callin of lawrence kansas a supporter of the stay at home order blocks traffic during a protest against the order at the country club plaza on april 20 2020 in kansas city missouri.

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These protesters demanded that the governors reopen respective areas.

Lockdown protestors with guns. Protestors are defying state governors stay at. When the number of coronavirus related deaths in new york alone are over a reported. Armed protesters enter michigans state capitol demanding end to coronavirus lockdown video hundreds of protesters some armed gathered inside michigans state capitol on thursday as state.

In a tweet on friday morning president donald trump described the angry protesters in michigan as very good people and urged the governor to talk to them and make a deal some turned their outrage into works of art by cleverly photoshopping the anti lockdown protesters guns into giant colorful dildos. Armed and ready for battle thousands of americans are taking up their guns in protest over the lockdown sparking fears of an all out war. Meanwhile in kansas city missouri anti lockdown protesters faced off with counter protesters at least one of whom blocked traffic.

In the middle of the ongoing covid 19 crisis. Coronavirus lockdown protests break out across america with some featuring flags and guns four states see protests with more to come as critics target governors and demand their constitutional rights.

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