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Age of extinction adalah film fiksi ilmiah amerika serikat tahun 2014 yang berdasarkan produk waralaba transformers dari perusahaan mainan hasbrofilm ini merupakan penggarapan ke 4 dari film transformers dan sekuel dari transformers. Lockdown is the central antagonist of the 2014 film transformers.

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He was a ruthless mercenary who had affiliated himself with the creators as a cybertronian bounty hunter which led to his earthly presence when lockdown was sent by his higher ups to capture optimus prime.

Lockdown transformers 4. Steve jablonsky topic 164502 views. This feature is not available right now. He was assigned by the creators to capture optimus prime.

Lockdown or another partly green robot with a hook in place of his right hand was among the transformers captured by the initiative and mind controlled into doing their bidding. Although his price is not cheap his performance is the best in what he does. 50 videos play all mix transformers 4 age of extinction ost lockdown by steve jablonsky youtube hunted duration.

Lockdown and his group of mercenaries have no allegiance to the autobots or the decepticons. This ruthless hunter only works for the highest payers in. Rise of the dark spark.

Lockdown is a bounty hunter who hasnt missed his target ever since he began his career in bounty hunting. Age of extinction and the main antagonist of the non canon video game transformers. Lockdown voiced by mark ryan in the film gregg berger in rise of the dark spark is a ruthless cold hearted and barbaric cybertronian bounty hunter who transforms into a grey 2013 lamborghini aventador lp 700 4 coupe and speaks with a cockney accent.

Dark of the moonfilm yang mengambil masa empat tahun setelah invasi di chicagoseperti pendahulunya film ini kembali disutradarai oleh michael. When optimus prime and the autobots assaulted the initiatives mobile headquarters lockdown was released and knocked out bumblebee. Please try again later.

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