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Its time for our state to be opened up said one protester in her car. Dozens circled oregons state capitol in their vehicles friday to protest that states stay at home order.

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By james barrett its not just happening in michigan its also building in north carolina and ohio.

Michigan lockdown protest meme. Its even more concerning when you factor in that. Americans protest against coronavirus memes about americans. Thousands of protesters in cars and on foot have flouted michigans stay at home orders to demand the state reopened.

Here are the 13 dumbest signs from anti lockdown protest. Armed protesters enter michigans state capitol demanding end to coronavirus lockdown video hundreds of protesters some armed gathered inside michigans state capitol on thursday as state. This is obviously quite worrying as all of these people are potentially exposing themselves and spreading coronavirus to others.

Backlash to the lockdown orders is coming in multiple forms in multiple states including a gridlock protest against democratic michigan gov. While the protests themselves have pushed the issue of a lockdown exit strategy ever higher on the agenda of state. Gretchen whitmers stay at home order.

Media caption michigan protesters decry covid 19 state of emergency. Protesters in lansing michigan caused a traffic jam near the capitol building on wednesday as they rallied against gov. Gretchen whitmers overzealous closing and banning the reopen nc movement against north carolinas gov.

Anti lockdown protests continue across america a movement made up of dissatisfied citizens who believe stay at home orders violate their constitutional rights happily waiving their right to not die of covid 19 and backed by a cohort of right wing groups. The order which has shut down. Armed protesters demand an end to michigans coronavirus lockdown orders video on wednesday in lansing michigan a protest put together by two republican connected not for profits was.

Gun toting protesters against michigans coronavirus lockdown have rallied in the state capitol building. Rebellion against unilateral and authoritarian power is america. Trump supporters in the us states of ohio michigan and north carolina who are unhappy with the strict lockdown laws that have been imposed upon them have staged protests to get the sanctions lifted.

Similar protests have been held across the country with groups pushing back against stay at home orders in places like michigan texas and virginia.

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