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By tyler oneil may 02 2020 945 am est. Here are the 13 dumbest signs from anti lockdown protest.

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The protest was organized.

Misspelled lockdown protest signs. Some signs at the rally compared the democratic governor to adolf hitler after she imposed strict lockdown restrictions. This post has been updated to include. One misspelled sign read.

They were the latest in a series of protests around the country pushing for an ease to the weeks long social distancing guidelines. Americans protest against coronavirus memes about americans. But the folks trekking to michigans capitol wednesday werent carrying rakes or watering cans or cute pun filled signs about the right to garden which still would have been ironic.

People held signs during a protest. I need a haircut. We were promised it wasnt a republican protest.

We were promised people were just upset they couldnt golf or buy seeds in stores during a pandemic thats already killed 2000 of their neighbors. I have a big problem when the government says. Assuming you were looking it up in the mythical dictionary people always talk about that defines words not by their actual meanings but by.

Some protesters misspelled important words on their banners. About a sign. Share tweet email comments.

If you looked up low hanging fruit in the dictionary right wing protesters with misspelled signs would be the definition. The auschwitz memorial museum criticized illinois residents who used nazi slogans friday to protest the states coronavirus lockdown orders. An associated press article has been updated several times to clarify that it does not debunk the already infamous nazi slogan protest sign from an illinois anti lockdown rally this week.

Dozens of protesters took to the streets of sacramento to call for the easing or lifting of californias coronavirus stay at home orders the la. The misspelled covid 19 anti lockdown protest sign was authentic and unaltered and the creator of the sign did indeed misspell both pennsylvania and people as pennsylvania and peaple marquez captured the image at an april 20 2020 protest in harrisburg. Liberals use auschwitz sign at anti lockdown protest to demonize trump.

The irony of some of these misspelled signs is just too delicious. Some of the signs held by protesters calling for end to coronavirus lockdown raise eyebrows.

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