Symptoms Of Corona Virus Vs Cold Vs Allergies



Check your symptoms now. The main warning signs of covid 19 the disease caused by the new coronavirus are fever fatigue and a dry coughsometimes it also causes cold like symptoms like.

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Symptoms of corona virus vs cold vs allergies. With covid 19 respiratory illness people typically have fever with coughing and shortness of breath so. Rhinoviruses cause about 30 50 of colds. Heres a comparison between the symptoms of covid 19 from the coronavirus pandemic the flu common cold and allergies.

The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory system nose throat sinuses eustachian tubes trachea larynx and bronchial tubes. There are some similarities but a few major differences too. Coronavirus can cause a fever.

Heres what to know. Colds are contagious can spread from person to person and have an incubation period of about 1 7 days. Coronavirus symptoms are similar to those of the common cold and flu per the cdc but the novel virus known as sars cov 2 can lead to more serious illness and even death.

However more than 200 different viruses may cause the common cold. Coronavirus symptoms vs cold. Is it coronavirus or allergies.

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