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When optimus prime and the autobots assaulted the initiatives mobile headquarters lockdown was released and knocked out bumblebee. Transformers age of extinction lamborghini scene james martin curwain.

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Lockdown or another partly green robot with a hook in place of his right hand was among the transformers captured by the initiative and mind controlled into doing their bidding.

Transformers 4 lockdown car. Age of extinction will premier in local theaters on june 25. The film is directed by michael bay who also made the first transformers series. Lockdown short flash transformers series duration.

Cemetery wind car chase lockdown kills lucas scene transformers 4 age of extinction 2014 clip 4k transformers. Age of extinction michael bay has assembled an all new cast for transformers 4 and that extends to the cars as well as the humans. The movie transformers 4.

Tf favourite cars and trucks. The 2014 camaro coupe car may be involved in a car chase scene and after all who wants to waste 323 horsepower and an acceleration from 0 100 kph in 59 seconds. Lockdown voiced by mark ryan in the film gregg berger in rise of the dark spark is a ruthless cold hearted and barbaric cybertronian bounty hunter who transforms into a grey 2013 lamborghini aventador lp 700 4 coupe and speaks with a cockney accent.

Heres a look at the vehicles as. The cars of transformers. Tf vege 1005690 views.

Age of extinction is a 2014 american science fiction action film based on the.

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