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A wave of planned anti lockdown demonstrations that have broken out around the country to protest against the efforts of state governments to combat the coronavirus pandemic with business closures. Live free or die.

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The protests have varied in size ranging from a few dozen people in.

Us protest against lockdown memes. As us president donald trump unveiled plans for a partial reopening of the country some americans are chafing at stay at home orders imposed because of the covid 19 coronavirus epidemic. Protesters have voiced their anger over lockdown restrictions in the us in a series of demonstrations. On saturday protesters gridlocked the streets of annapolis maryland honking car horns in protest of lockdown measures.

Here are the 13 dumbest signs from anti lockdown protest. Behind the viral image of americans protesting against lockdown joshua bickel set out to cover a demonstration in ohio and within hours his photo of angry people pressed up. The state was the early epicentre of the covid 19 outbreak in the us.

More demonstrations against the lockdown measures are planned including in wisconsin oregon maryland idaho and texas. Hundreds protest against us covid 19 lockdown rules. An estimated 400 people gathered under a cold rain in concord new hampshire many on foot while others remained in.

In colorado hundreds of anti lockdown protesters were met with a counter protest by a few healthcare workers who dressed in. Measures brought in to try to stop the spread of covid 19 have been criticised as too harsh. An economy can be fixed a dead person can not also no one needs to die just because the economy which in america is build by and for rich people went kerploop there is no need for gallons of milk to be dumped but they cant give away that milk for free because of the stupidity of american economy where if it goes down all production isnt stopped but instead it goes straight to trash.

More than 200 people rallied outside the residence of the indiana governor. Americans protest against coronavirus memes about americans.

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