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Its even more concerning when you factor in that. Trump supporters in the us states of ohio michigan and north carolina who are unhappy with the strict lockdown laws that have been imposed upon them have staged protests to get the sanctions lifted.

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At least 1500 people descended on madison on friday to call.

Usa lockdown protest meme. Here are the 13 dumbest signs from anti lockdown protest. Thousands of protesters in cars and on foot have flouted michigans stay at home orders to demand the state reopened. The protests have varied in size ranging from a few dozen people in.

More than 200 people rallied outside the residence of the indiana governor. Trump tweets support for anti lockdown protests. Armed americans protest coronavirus lockdown measures despite 42000 death toll.

This is obviously quite worrying as all of these people are potentially exposing themselves and spreading coronavirus to others. After saying governors would decide when to reopen trump urges supporters to liberate some states led by democrats. Christopher bucktin united states editor.

With memes ultimately sourced from white. On saturday protesters gridlocked the streets of annapolis maryland honking car horns in protest of lockdown measures. An economy can be fixed a dead person can not also no one needs to die just because the economy which in america is build by and for rich people went kerploop there is no need for gallons of milk to be dumped but they cant give away that milk for free because of the stupidity of american economy where if it goes down all production isnt stopped but instead it goes straight to trash.

Americans protest against coronavirus memes about americans. Armed protesters demand an end to michigans coronavirus lockdown orders. 2053 20 apr 2020.

More demonstrations against the lockdown measures are planned including in wisconsin oregon maryland idaho and texas. Thousands of protesters in cars and on foot have flouted michigans stay at home orders to demand the state reopened. Its time for our state to be opened up said one protester in her car.

A massive group of demonstrators gathered at wisconsins state capitol to protest governor tony evers stay at home order imposed to stem the spread of covid 19 in what appears to be the largest anti lockdown action to date.

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